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Tour of Knysna 2022

Posted on Thu May 26, 2022 in About Knysna.

Join Knysna Tourism for a tour of the town we call home.

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34 South Home of the Knysna Oyster

Posted on Thu August 26, 2021 in About Knysna, Food @ 34 South, and About 34 South.

165,000 years of Oyster Attitude (Oystertude?) at 34 South

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34 South’s mystical position: Attitude at our Latitude

Posted on Thu August 26, 2021 in About Knysna and About 34 South.

What makes Knysna’s geographical position so special?

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Students enter Knysna destination video to ITFF Africa

Posted on Sat February 1, 2020 in About Knysna.

34 South sponsored the production of this short film as a contribution to the marketing of Knysna.

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Bondi of H.M.S. Verbena

Posted on Sun October 20, 2019 in About Knysna.

Continuing our tradition of honouring the people (and dogs!) who Gooi Attitude at our Latitude: we take a look at the story behind the life-size doggy statue at the bridge outside 34 South

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