34 South’s mystical position: Attitude at our Latitude

Posted on Thu August 26, 2021 in About Knysna and About 34 South.

What makes Knysna’s geographical position so special?


Your latitude is your position on an imaginary line that runs parallel to, and north or south of, the Equator. 

  • Knysna: latitude 34o 2’ South


Your longitude is your position on the lines that run east or west of the Greenwich Meridian. 

  • Knysna: longitude 23o 2’ East

Ask the hippies, the mystics, the dreamers, the lovers, and they’ll tell you: there’s a special energy at the confluence of 34o South and 23o East. Something to do with ley lines and sunpaths and something they call the diamond-light grid. 

We hear you. We don’t understand, either. But we do know that this spot - this particular confluence of coordinates - is truly magical in so many ways. Because it’s the place where the Knysna Forests meet the Knysna Lagoon, where the Knysna Elephant meets the Knysna Oyster, where the Knysna Mountains meet the Knysna Ocean…

You know: the spot that’s got all the things that make Attitude at our Latitude.