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Great place, great people

Mar 2024 • Couples
Great food, wonderful staff, special recommendation for Nadia and also a big thank you the management team for helping us out with a taxi.

Glah50, March 2024

The world

Spectacular! Best Breakfast.

Everything at 34 South was absolutely spectacular! We visited Knysna for a wedding, we are from Johannesburg and wanted to take the restaurant home. Stopped for breakfast. Food was 5 star, service 5 star and atmosphere 5 star. Highly recommend sitting outside on the Deck. Janine was out of this world and we couldn’t be more thankful for the wonderful experience. We will soon be back.

Amore V, December 2023

Stunning Seafood

What a great place. Service excellence, food superb and location lovely. Lots of amazing seafood here, yum


Traveling experience

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Reviewed 3 days ago traveling experience
Once again I was knysna with a group of 12 no reservation made , by utvi was accommodated within minutes, and they were pumping yet I got a table Thank you once again Arshia and Sharifa And 34 South

Randall J

Best service and shop

Amazing service, food was amazing and the service from Thando and Anthea. The top show was my Bushmill Berry Beer it was amazing. I enjoyed it alot and I was the first to taste it. Great stuff


Fabulous dinner and wonderful service

Reviewed 2 days ago via mobile
We were only in Kynsna for one night so searched on TA for somewhere good to eat. 34 South came up and looked great. So glad we went there as it was a highlight of the holiday. The environment of marketplace was really quirky and we loved the hugely high ceilings and the fish tank. The food was fantastic! We had prawn curry, mussels, and pide. All was delicious and with huge portions. We ate so much food. The wine I was recommended was great too. Our server Privilege was an absolute joy, we felt very well looked after. All in all a fantastic experience. Thanks so much!

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Soham, United Kingdom

Super restaurant

This spot was great for casual night out. stunning view over Harbour . Water side , lovely warm atmosphere with super menu. Fantastic fish ! But other great options too. Very reasonable too for family of 4. Warm on cooler evenings as they put sides down Definite must if you are in Knysna .


Penarth, United Kingdom

Delicious food all the way

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Reviewed 2 days ago via mobileDelicious food all the way
Delicious food. Spoilt for choice. Must have the oyster experience, grilled hake and prawns. We ordered spaghetti with Parmesan hake which the children loved. They also have pizza, Asian and sushi selection. Must go if you’re visiting Knysna


The world

Pizza is Diddily

Reviewed 2 days ago Pizza is Diddily
Ladies and gentlemen, let's have a bit of a talk. As we gather here, in the digital realm, I find myself recounting an experience that's out of the ordinary. Not as a statesman, but rather, as your friendly neighborhood restaurant critic. Let's take a little trip, shall we? Down to the south of the southern hemisphere, to a charming town called Knysna, South Africa.

Enter stage, Don Fossey. Don's an ordinary guy, but with extraordinary taste. And he found himself, quite by happenstance, at a place that's a geographical marvel, and also a culinary one. Welcome to 34 Degrees South. Now, it's not just about the name, it’s about a journey. A journey that I'm going to share with you now.

First things first. Don ordered the oysters. Now, he's been around the block. He's had oysters from all corners of the world. But these ones? They were an adventure in themselves. These were the kind of oysters that make you feel like you're in a personal relationship with Poseidon himself. They were the kind of slimy that transcends the usual boundaries of the word. I'm telling you, they were like edible pearls, served up from the ocean's treasure chest.

Next, Don savored a Savannah Dry cider. Now, this wasn't your regular cider. It came in, swooping down on his taste buds like an eagle, leaving a trail of apple-infused happiness. A sweet symphony that makes you want to lift your glass and toast to life itself. It was like a bubbly manifestation of the South African sun itself.

And then came the pièce de résistance: the pizza. Let me tell you something about South African pizza, it's not just pizza, it's a culinary revelation. With every bite, Don was captivated, entranced by this piece of pie that managed to fuse Italian tradition with South African creativity. This pizza was like a United Nations General Assembly, a harmonious gathering of tastes from all around the globe.

Now, all of this wouldn't have been half as delightful if it wasn't for the service. And the star of the show was Privilege. She was the perfect hostess, an embodiment of South African hospitality. With every interaction, she brought a little bit more sunshine into Don's day.

But let's not forget about the backdrop to this epicurean escapade. The restaurant is cozied up right on the canals, with otters joyfully bobbing in the water, as if they were putting on a show for the diners. It's as if Mother Nature herself decided to chip in and contribute to the dining experience.

So there it was. Don, sitting in this picturesque setting, filled to the brim with satisfaction. He wished he could share this moment with his spouse. But alas, there was a teeny tiny problem. He wasn't entirely sure he could navigate his way back home alone. Well, that's the price you pay for adventure, isn't it?

In conclusion, folks, I'd like you to remember the tale of Don Fossey. The tale of a man who discovered a culinary oasis called 34 Degrees South. It's a place that marries the extraordinary with the comforting, and manages to serve up a dose of humor with every dish. A place where you can enjoy a meal with the otters and lose yourself in the flavors of South Africa.

So, if you ever find yourself in Knysna, don't forget to stop by 34 Degrees South. Get the oysters, sample the cider, and let the pizza enchant you. And don't forget to say hello to Privilege from Don.

But most importantly, remember this: Life's about the journey, not just the destination. It's about the laughter, the flavors, the moments of simple joy that make every day a gift. So here's to Don, to 34 Degrees South, and to all of us who seek out these magical moments.

Now, if you'll excuse me, I've got a kayak to catch. As it turns out, Don's adventure was contagious, and I've got my own culinary journey to embark on.

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Date of visit: July 2023

BigDFossey Detroit, Michigan 4

Michigan, United States

Tasty Fare, Many Options

Tasty Fare, Many Options
This is a wonderful spot for eating out and a favorite of mine. The service is always a pleasure. The menu is quite varied, so if you’re not sure what you’d like, you have many options. Everything is tasty.

The atmosphere is adaptable based on your taste - there is indoor seating which is warm and busy with access to a television or you may sit outdoors with a nice view of the marina or in an enclosed deck.

Our waiter Thando had a great vibe.


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Date of visit: June 2023


Great food, awesome service!
We'd never had oysters before, so we decided this was the place to try them! It did not disappoint! So yummy, and such a crazy huge menu if oysters aren't your thing! We had a fabulous server Bertie who was absolutely patient with us as we asked a million questions! He walked us through the menu and was excellent at keeping up with our every need! What a treat, thanks so much!


Menomonee Falls, Wisconsin

Breaker at 34

I had a lovely breakfast croissant and it was amazing accompanied with amazing service by Kim my waiter and the manager Anthea. Will definitely be back soon.



Had a delightful evening with my friends. The oysters were HUGE. Thanks Curlon. How you say: "a vibe"

Peter J


What a lovely experience with my husband, your food was amazing (seafood platter and enchiladas) , the drinks were super and the desserts were wonderful! I can not express how amazing the service was, with our lovely waitress KAEDEE! Thank you for your kind service, all of the recommendations & explanations! The atmosphere of this place is warm and Welcoming with friendly staff, DEFINITELY RECOMMEND !!


Langebaan, South Africa