• 34 South Restaurant, Knysna

Lunch & supper menu

Our delicious and adventurous menu is a delight of international dishes designed for almost every palette

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Our lunch and supper menu includes a wide variety of oysters, sushi, fish grills, pizzas, pastas, Mexican and Asian specialities, and much, much more...

Our selection of signature dishes at 34 South

34 South Restaurant, Knysna, Oysters

34 South Oyster Experience

1 large coastal oyster, 1 medium coastal, 1 cocktail coastal, 1 medium cultivated oyster - R99

34 South Restaurant, Knysna

Seafood gumbo

A mild seafood and chorizo curry served with Basmati rice, fresh coriander, and popadoms - R195

34 South Restaurant, Knysna

Seafood platter for 1

Line-caught hake, a starter portion of calamari tubes, 5 grilled queen prawns, 4 whole-shell mussels in our delicious creamy sauce - R395

34 South Restaurant, Knysna

Prawn curry

12 partially de-shelled Quayside prawns in a mild coconut curry sauce with basmati rice and poppadoms r220

34 South Restaurant, Knysna

Oysters 7 ways

We have numerous ways of introducing you to prawns at 34 South. Please ask your server for ideas and advice - or visit Oysters @ 34

34 South restaurant, Knysna

Dim Sum

Steamed dumplings filled with a range of ingredients, and served in bite-sized portions in steamer baskets.

  • Black pepper chicken shumai (4 pieces) - R85
  • Prawn har gow (4 pcs) - R95
34 South Restaurant, Knysna

Beef espetada

300g beef fillet skewered with green pepper and red onion - R345

34 South Restaurant, Knysna

Vegetarian pizza

Italian tomato, mozzarella, medley of char-grilled veg, basil pesto, and feta - R125

More items...

Our full lunch and supper menu includes:

  • Oysters
  • Sushi
  • Mezze of the world (vegetarian, seafood)
  • Tramezzinis
  • Salads
  • Soups
  • Starters
  • Rustic pizzas
  • Pastas
  • Mexican specialities (nachos, enchiladas)
  • Burgers & chips
  • Fresh fish & seafood
  • Grills (meat & poultry)
  • Asian specialities (poke, dim sum, dumplings)
  • Abalone
  • Desserts
  • And more