• Vegetarian Nachos , 34 South Restaurant, Knysna

Vegetarian & vegan

Our menu is generously peppered with vegetarian & vegan dishes

Highlights from our selection of vegetarian and vegan meals

34 South restaurant, Knysna. Sushi

Sushi (V)

Our extensive sushi menu includes numerous vegetarian choices - including California rolls, hand rolls, edemame, maki, fashion sandwiches, vegetarian sushi platter (9 pieces), and more

34 South Restaurant, Knysna

Vegetarian mezze platter

A fresh and crunchy selection of crudité vegetables, hummus, tzatziki, labneh cream cheese dip, and pickled peppers, served with pita bread - R160

34 South Restaurant, Knysna

Pizza Vegetarian (V)

Italian tomato, mozzarella, medley of char-grilled veg, basil pesto, feta - R145

34 South Restaurant, Knysna

Roast veg & pesto patat (V)

Roasted patat (sweet potato) topped with roasted veg, sun-dried tomatoes, and grilled cheese. Accompanied by a side salad, avocado, sour cream, and Mannie's Muti - R175

Vegetarian Nachos , 34 South Restaurant, Knysna

Nachos: pickled jalapenos & red onions (V)

Homemade tortilla chips stacked with melted cheese and our pickled jalapenos and red onions dressing, served with salsa, guacamole, and sour cream - R140