Tour of Knysna 2022

Posted on Thu May 26, 2022 in About Knysna.

Join Knysna Tourism for a tour of the town we call home.

Enjoy this video about Knysna: from the Knysna Lagoon to the Knysna Heads, and from our parks and beaches to the evergreen Knysna Forests. Along the way you'll visit the shops and galleries, meet the people, and join us in our sports (golf, cycling, MTB, swimming, surfing, and more).

You'll come with us to Noetzie, Buffalo Bay, Rheenendal, and Belvidere, you'll explore our Rooted In Time Tour of the Garden Route National Park, and - and this is where we Gooi Attitude at our Latitude - you'll eat and drink with us in our favourite restaurants: in exceptional places like 34 South, the Home of the Knysna Oyster.

See you here?