• 34 South Restaurant, Knysna


34 South makes catering for any occasion easy with our variety of delicious platters.

Preparing for a party? Celebrating a birthday or a wedding? Entertaining a few guests at the office? Whatever the occasion, a selection of our platters will solve your catering requirements.

  • We assemble our platters from only the finest, freshest ingredients;
  • Each platter serves 6-8 people;
  • Please place your orders at least 24 hours in advance;
  • Contact us for orders and enquiries.

Download our platters menu here

A selection of some of our favourite platters

34 South Restaurant, Knysna


A selection of the finest meats and cheeses accompanied by pickled mushrooms, sun-dried tomatoes, and marinated olives - R450

Spicy bites

Green veg parcels, grilled garlic & Parmesan mussels, Asian pork ribs, cream cheese & salmon oopsies, smoked cheese sausage - R495

34 South Restaurant, Knysna

Vegetarian platter

A fresh and crunchy selection of crudite vegetables, humus, tzatziki, dolmades, peppadews, and a cream cheese dip of herbs & lemon zest - R395

34 South Restaurant, Knysna

European platter

Zesty avo bruschetta, Asian prawns, Italian salsa bruschetta, vol au vent roast veg, and rare roast beef fillet medallions - R595

34 South Restaurant, Knysna

Mediterranean platter

Ciabatta prego steak rolls, chicken kebabs, calamari & chorizo bruschetta, marinated veggie baskets, and Mediterranean focaccia - R450

34 South Restaurant, Knysna

Tapas platter

Moroccan pork kebabs, sweet potato focaccia, bobotie spring rolls, chorizo stuffed calamari, smoked snoek paté bruschetta - R495

34 South Restaurant, Knysna

Deluxe sushi platter

67 pieces (from our sushi menu): sashimi, nigiri, inari, roses, fashion sandwiches, rainbow rolls, California rolls - R1,150