Food @ 34 South

10 reasons to eat at 34 South

Posted on Fri August 26, 2022 in Food @ 34 South and About 34 South.

In no particular order – ten of the most attractive attractions for diners at 34 South

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Deli-Co - your trusted meat supplier

Posted on Sat January 1, 2022 in Shopping @ 34 South and Food @ 34 South.

Meet Deli-Co Farmstyle Family Butchery – a choice meat supplier to 34 South’s restaurant and retail shop.

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34 South Home of the Knysna Oyster

Posted on Thu August 26, 2021 in About Knysna, Food @ 34 South, and About 34 South.

165,000 years of Oyster Attitude (Oystertude?) at 34 South

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Putting the real Knysna Oyster on its rightful plate

Posted on Mon July 26, 2021 in Food @ 34 South.

If you’re an old-timer who pines constantly for the glory days of the Knysna oyster - you know, when we bought them fresh from their racks in the Lagoon - you’re pining for the wrong thing.

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Hunting oysters with 34 South

Posted on Sat June 26, 2021 in Food @ 34 South.

Friends and family in search of that most delicious of delicacies: the real Knysna Oyster.

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