Hunting oysters with 34 South

Posted on Sat June 26, 2021 in Food @ 34 South.

Friends and family in search of that most delicious of delicacies: the real Knysna Oyster.

Real Knysna Oysters grow in the pools and on the rocks of the Garden Route coast – and you can collect them, if you have a fishing permit.

We did, and we made a video of ourselves doing so that you can see how it’s done. And just how much fun you can have doing it.

But if you don’t want the thrill of the Indian Ocean’s refreshing water, the salt air, and the clean sands of our local beaches, well, we’re here to help you at 34 South, where we serve fresh oysters every day of the year. Our oysters are sustainably collected by licensed oyster fishers who are strictly controlled by nature conservation authorities as to the amounts of the delicious bivalves they can harvest – and the places where they can harvest them. 

So that you can enjoy them with a clean conscience, and perhaps with a squeeze of lemon and a grind of pepper.

Oysters! Oysters! We want more!

  • For more about our oysters, visit Oysters @ 34
  • And if you haven’t tried them before, our 34 South Oyster Experience is a great introduction – it includes a selection of coastal oysters and cultivated oysters served with a glass of bubbly.