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What’s new

Try our delicious range of freshly-baked artisanal breads – ciabatta, campagne, rye, whole wheat, panini and baguettes

This week’s specials

1/2 price sushi, grilled calamari, seared sirloin, Quayside prawns and more

Freshly squeezed juices

Visit our new Juice Bar for a range of healthy juices freshly-squeezed to order.

Try our Detoxing & Cleansing juice!

Not exactly a restaurant… not exactly a bar… definitely not a deli… well, not exactly a deli… it’s an eating place… a drinking place… definitely a meeting place… to enjoy yourself… see you there…

And it’s a gift shop, a clothing emporium, a food store, a fish monger and a bakery, too. And the finest wine shop this side of the grape curtain.

And it’s always on one, single line of latitude – the 34th parallel (but only on the Waterfront at the Knysna Quays). 34 South is THE place to get your fresh oysters, freshly baked bread, wine for later tonight, some goodies from our deli and maybe a snack at our sushi bar.

34 South, get Attitude at our Latitude!