We have a wide range of everyday conveniences as well as some imported items to en- hance every meal. Milk, Cheese, Cold Meats, Sauces, Pasta, Seasonings, Cooldrinks, Treats, Non-Alcoholic Beer & Wine, Braai essentials, Fruits & Vegetables, Home Foods, 34 South Winter Apparel and much more so be sure to pay us a visit and discover some new favourites.
And let’s not forget our Wine Shop When we sat down to re-think the way we presented our wines, we decided to depart from the normal hum-drum form of thinking, with wines being listed by cultivars, as if that were some kind of litany. We then decided to redesign both our wine list and our wine shop according to our latitude – 34 °South – and to tell the stories of the wine farms that share this parallel with us. We want people to make discoveries at 34 °South, to make connections and to enjoy them, indulging their love of fine things. We are also licensed to sell on Sundays. There’s a Delicatessen too!! People come from all degrees of latitude and longitude to rub shoulders at our deli. They’re here to select their oysters, marinated mussels, herring, patès, olives, smoked or cured hams, salamis and local, Dutch and French cheeses – and to enjoy them at our restaurant tables or to take them home to impress their guests. Just know one thing – you dare not miss the opportunity to sample from our deli when you find yourself at our latitude… When you find yourself at 34 South. Need fresh fish for the braai tonight? Come and visit our Fish Shop Sail up to our fish counter for freshly caught line fish, prawns, crayfish, calamari and fresh mussels. You’ll find many different types of fish, various sizes of prawns and a variety of frozen sea foods – and, of course, both coastal and cultivated oysters to enjoy in our restaurant or in the comfort of your own home. Our in house Bakery has flour-power!! Freshly-baked breads made with stone-ground flour grown in our district. Croissants made with 100% butter, French baguettes, Italian Ciabattas and health loaves. Rolls and bagels – all free of pre-mixes, preservatives or colourants. And for connoisseurs of confectionery – Seductive Strawberry Cheesecake , Charming Chocolate Cake, Greek-style Baklava, apple strudel and lemon meringues are just some of our tempting delights. Our world famous 34 South Clothing Store Be the talk of the town – no matter whether the town is London, Paris or your local village. Stripes are in – nautical stripes, that is. Plush jerseys and hardy windbreakers, scarves and hats – 34 South boasts a huge selection of hand crafted garments which are available only at our latitude. The perfect reminder of a perfect place that’s not quite a restaurant… not exactly a bar… definitely not a deli… well, not exactly a deli.. Gifts to impress Our impressive gift shop offers an eclectic range of attractive and nautically-themed gifts – be it toys or goodies for the kids, stylish platters or drinking glasses for mom, hip-flasks or wine openers for dad (and the statuettes – please don’t forget the statuettes! – we’ve got big ones, small ones, golfers, Froggy Butlers and even a risqué Bordello Lady). Many of the items in stock are manufactured in home industries and reflect 34 South’s core philosophy that ‘local is best.’
The amazing visual impact of our grocery shelves is as stunning as it’s inviting. Here you’ll find something different to take home to add a touch of class to any memorable meal. Be it a thick balsamic reduction or one of Tabasco’s famous sauces – or be it our wide selection of jams, marmalades, handmade nougat, biscotti and the finest Swiss chocolates. It’s enough to seduce any epicurean palate. A word of caution though – our fudge (you’ll find it at our check-out points) is SERIOUSLY addictive!
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