A 34 South must, our Linefish and Peri Peri Chicken Espetada!

Firstly some background: The Espetada is a typical Portuguese dish made usually of large chunks of beef rubbed in garlic and salt, skewered onto a bay leaf stick with vegetables

such as onions and bell peppers and left to grill over smouldering wood chips. Other meats including pork and chouriço are also commonly used, but there are also other types like those made from squid, fish and chicken.
The dish can be served on a skewer which hangs from a hook on a stand as it is presented to you.
On the island of Madeira it is a very popular dish with many differing kinds of recipes and meats used.But at 34 South, we instead use the freshest linefish, red, green & yellow pepper, lemon wedges and onion. We then drizzle this famous dish of ours with garlic butter.

How good does that not sound?? Eh?

But it gets better, the newest addition to our menu is the Peri Peri
Chicken Espetada. This, as you might expect, is similar to our Linefish Espetada, but here we use succulent chicken breast, pineapple and green peppers on the skewer. This concoction of deliciousness is then basted with our homemade peri peri sauce and grilled to perfection. Add a bottle of Stellenbosch’s finest and some succulent oysters to start and you have the ingredients for a perfect evening out.

34 South is situated on the Knysna Waterfront and is open 7 days a week from 9:00 till late. For more information, please contact us on +2744 382 7331 or visit our Facebook page: www.facebook.com/34DegreesSouthRestaurantKnysna